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Adventure Games: What's with all the clowns?

Posted: 2018-06-19 | 7 minute read

The thought struck me tonight: there is a bit of a thing having clowns in adventure games. Some people find clowns quite scary and yet they appear in the most innocent of adventure games. So that begs the question, what’s with all of the clowns? To answer this, I had to find, fire up and generally muck around to make a bunch of classics work. ScummVM of course helps a lot in these situations!


Serverless CMS Deployment Using CircleCI

Posted: 2018-06-11 | 4 minute read

Recently I’ve blogged a few times about building a serverless CMS using Hugo and AWS tech, but I haven’t talked at all about deploying it yet. I’ve been having a look at CircleCI, especially since the release of 2.0 of the CircleCI platform about a year ago (well, once it came out of beta anyway!). The following was all tested using the “free” version of CircleCI: that is, you can run up to 1 Linux container for a private repo for free.


Kids of today reacting to a classic Twin Famicom and CRT TV

Posted: 2018-06-03 | 8 minute read

So I finally got around to taking my Twin Famicom for a drive to my parents’ place. You see, I was on a bit of a mission to try out some 80s gaming action on a genuine CRT TV which my parents still rock. It’s brought into the modern age with the help of a DVB Tuner, keeping those broadcast TV programmes alive for a little bit longer yet.


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